Asphalt paving is the original pavement constructed for your parking lot or road. Sealcoating is a protective coating placed on the asphalt paving to help preserve and protect the original pavement.  If left untreated, the pavement will deteriorate due to exposure to sunlight and water.  When the pavement turns grey in color, oil content is being lost making it more susceptible to deterioration. This happens surprisingly fast after new construction. A fresh coat of sealcoat will revitalize the pavement and increase its integrity, thus protecting your investment in the asphalt paving.

New pavement should receive sealcoat within the first year or two after construction. After the initial application, sealcoat should be applied every three to five years as part of a routine maintenance plan. Ask us about our maintenance plans. We can tailor one specifically to your property.

One coat of sealcoat can be done if the asphalt has been previously sealcoated and is smooth in texture.  Two coats will always last longer than one coat. Depending on the maintenance schedule of your asphalt, we will recommend one or two coats. If you plan on sealcoating every three years then one coat will be sufficient; any longer than three years, then two coats is recommended. Ask us about our maintenance plans. We can tailor one specifically to your property.

Complete exterior compliance for ADA can be difficult to achieve.  Typically, the priorities in ADA compliance are the exterior route of travel and the ADA parking stalls with curb ramps. Once the priorities are complete, attention can be directed towards the walks and exterior entry concrete. All work completed by Sierra National Asphalt is guaranteed to meet ADA compliance.

Most properties can be completed in a two day process. Larger properties can be split-up into phases for alternate parking and access. We will work with you to determine the best paving or sealcoating schedule for your property. Please let us know if you have any special scheduling concerns.

A one year guarantee is offered on all work performed by Sierra National Asphalt. Extended warranties are available. We can provide information about extended warranties with our proposal.

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